Ummmm forgotten blog

Ok blog Im sorry ... neglected and some what forgotten about ... But my dear blog I have found Facebook and Im some what addicted but but BUT ...Im now going to try and keep a regular blog as a journal that I can look back over.

Anyway ... Here we go.
I worked for excleior for 6 mths as an outsource for the ATO ... now sadly I know more about the runnings of a business than I ever thought Id know ... I loved the job but really didnt go much on the person who payed me to be there !!!. I met some great friends whilst working, and even more memories. Im know a SAHM again and starting to feel like I need to get myself another job as I miss working. Im thinking part-time would be alot easier with kids !

Whilst I was working Mick and I took the kids on a few trips around places in Tassie and we all got to see some amazing places and spend some very much needed time together to share some love and get our lives back on track , some of them moments meant the world to me and I will never forget standing on top of some big arse mountain that we spent hrs climbing and looking at the kids mucking around ... and me standing there freezing thinking to myself .. This is my life and I love it .

I have started scrapping again which has been great ! I missed it , but I think I needed the time off to stop filling the albums so much ... plus now I have pics ... piles of them to scrap !

The kids are great ..... still having some moments but we are working on them. Bree is about to start grade 10 , maddy grd 7 , eb grd 6, and jackson grd 3. I still cant believe how much they have grown and everyday as much as they can drive me nuts sometimes I couldnt imagine my life without them. The lil moments make it worth it.

Anyway its getting late and the kids are still awake so I better get off her and be a mum lol

Cheers Tracey


Ohhhh Geeez

Im sitting here waiting to get ready for my first job interview ... it goes for 2 hours!!!! Every job I have ever had I only had to go in a see someone and most of them I knew ... know Im going in feeling like a skinned chicken ... anyone want my nerves today ... I have lots to give away ... butterflies in the stomach and dry mouth and shakey fingers ... nerves are great (NOT) so if you want them leave me a comment and I will pass them on.
Lots happening around here with massive changes. Me looking for work is one of them. Being a stay at home mum has been the best thing ever but Im finding myself bored and to much time on my hands, I have started to take steps to give up smoking, I hate smoking so I need to do something, Im starting to cut down then I will get hypnosis done to see how that works.
Kids are doing great and we have just started our first week of school hoildays, I was looking forward to spending time with them and now I maybe working.
Well I might go get a few things done before I put on the new " Interview clothes"
Wish me luck I need it !!!!
Love and hugs


Im a blog Slacker

Well once again its been forever since I have blogged but geeeez to little time in the day .. I think about blogging and then I do something else and run out of time.
Soooooo I haven't been up to a great deal. And nothing much exciting has happened soooo what to write about ... thinking ... still thinking .... well my brain has stopped working and I have a total blank grrrrrrr ... so if else fails I will try 10 things that have happened since my last entry.
1) The kids running carnival ... maddy come first in everything ... ebony come 2nd lots ... jack had a great day and tryed really hard.
2)I did 10 layouts
3) We are looking for a four wheel drive
4) Mick sold his ute
5)The kids are all back into sports rosters so we no longer have lives on the weekend.
6)Its been cold !!!
7)I did lots and lots of housework LMAO
8) My cat is driving me nuts
9)Bree went out with her old boyfriend then he dumped her then they went back out together again so then she dumped him ... now shes going out with someone else ... who can keep up?

Well I better go and lay back on the recliner and veg out ....
Take care


Lifes Ups and Downs

Hey there,

I've been slack posting once again but we have been busy of late.
We had a great easter. We went camping at the dam with Kerrie and Co, Karen and Co .. plus a few others. It was a total blast and good fun getting dirty and roughing it for a few days, Mind you, its just as nice to come home and wash the dirt away then climb into your bed. We had a easter egg hunt for the kids, it was great watching a pile of kids hunting for eggs, we hid them all over the place.

We have welcomed a new family member into our family ... LACEY-ANN-GRACE. Congrats to Billy-Ruth and Co.

We had a bque here last Saturday to watch St Kilda play Carlton ... sadly Carlton lost and I found it rather depressing .. dam St Kilda. We had a blast, it was great to sit back with family and friends and relax and have a few laughs.

I met the Barnes family and have offered my full support. These guys are real fighters, they have went to hell and back yet still take the time to be concerned for others, This Monday coming Shaun will be sentenced, we are all dreading it, I am hoping with all my heart that the judge considers what these 4 boys have suffered and what made Shaun take justice into his own hands. But I will update on Monday with news.

I've had another acceptance by Scrapbooking Memories from the retreat and im looking forward to seeing that layout in print, I miss my girl-friends so much !!! I can't wait to see them all again, Its so annoying that we all live so apart... thank god for forums. Kylie updated her blog last week, I wasnt expecting tears lol ... it was retreat talk, it brought back all those memories as if it was yesterday.

I have totally accepted that I have walked away from a friendship that I thought so much of. Last week I took steps to delete that person from " cyber world" and bits and peices I had of her here I threw out, just like she did to our friendship. Sadly the " cyber world" doesnt show the truth about what a person is really like, I guess you do need to be careful who you trust. I think with friendship that honesty is needed, its sad when a person can give but not take any back. This will be the last time I ever think or mention my lost friendship. But either way I thank her for the moments shared ... good and bad.

Id like to mention the Beautiful Tessa and her Husband Steve who sadly announced news of a pregnancy and sadly miscarried the baby. Tessa is one of my favorite scrap artists and this was such sad news to read. She has been in my thoughts.

Take care.



Terri Tagged me

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.2. Post the RULES on your blog.3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.4. Tag 7 people and link to them.5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

1) I have 4 tatto's and want more .. I'd totally love to have a lower back tattoo ... ohhh and i often wonder why they dont colour in stretch marks

2)I hate selfish people who only are only out for themselves, some people deserve to be lonely

3)I dream of travel .... I want to see the world

4)I am a jealous person by nature

5)I hate to see people hurting, I feel there pain

6) I dont know how to add music to my blog ... its driving me nuts

7)Id love to live in NY for 12 months

If you read this consider yourelf Tagged , cause the other 8th random fact about me .. Im lazy when it comes to posting ..
hey there kez ... i have to give my lil sis a big hug and kiss ... xxxx Mwwwwahhhh OO


Nothing to post about

Hello is there anybody out there ????

I have nothing to write about really .. its rare that I have not much to say about anything.
Kids are well ... Bree and Jack have to sniffles that seem to be hanging around of late. Maddy and Ebony have been fighting AGAIN .. they are just like mandy and me when we little .. silent fighters .. lots of banging .. bodies covered in red marks ... roughed up hair ... but no noise .. they got it all figured out. I dont say much to them, they must get so sick of each other, but I know they do care about one another and they have some sweet moments, they are just totally different.
Bree is loving the new High school, she is so much more postive. She still has moments but its just the normal teenage stuff.
Jacks ok .. though one complaint on the mum front .. his getting in our bed everynight .. now I think its sweet that he still needs us .. but please could he not kick the blankets off himself all night since his so hot .. maybe just maybe if he slept in his bed instead of between to adults he may not get as hot .. hello jack .. go figure!
Haha Im doing well , I guess once I start typing it gets easier to natter away when no-ones butting in asking for something lol
Ive had 2 more layouts accepted .. one by scrapbook creations .. then scrapbooking memories wanted it as well so I had to reject them but in the end I did another one for them and that is going to be published as well.
Im working on a layout about mum and dads wedding day .. ive been putting it off for to long and decided that I would add some hidden journaling to express my feelings about there marriage ending.
Mick is going well ..( woops neally forgot the hubby)
Well its getting late and sleep is needed.
By the way its not a criminal offence to leave a comment ... Im feeling unloved lol .... and I know I have lurkers reading my blog .. so say hello !!!


New layouts

Im just popping in to add some new layouts. These are some pics from the retreat. I just love some of the photos and hard to figure out what one to scrap next .